What you need to know about White Label Payment Solutions

Andy Lim
November 25, 2021

And you can easily get that with a reliable white-label provider. SafeCharge, a real giant of the payment industry, is another great solution on our list. It offers a payment gateway with access to an enormous amount of connectors.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway

Increased Visibility of your Brand – This value is more noticeable in organizations that offer various third-party services or products that complement each other. A White-Label Payment Gateway is a complete solution for your business. You can start your own payment gateway business with White Label solution. It offers a comprehensive framework for your business to begin processing payments. Reliable white-label payment solutions like Akurateco come with built-in risk management functionality.

Pros and Cons of Using a White Label Payment Gateway

We’ve looked into the market leaders and are now ready to present the best white-label payment gateways you can choose from. A trusted vendor is supposed to incorporate innovative technology in its payment gateway systems. This shows that not only does your business stay relevant in terms of upgrading itself but also, it deeply cares for its customers. Also, a white label payment gateway, in particular, works under your company’s name in contrast to a general gateway system. When choosing a partner for the white label payment gateway, a business owner must realize that not all of them are created equally well.

The end consumer would perceive that product or service as being offered by the company that rebranded it. The company provides a strong anti-fraud system integrated into its payment gateway. That makes its clients’ businesses fully protected from scammers and fraudsters. You still have access to all of the gateway’s merchant features, such as payment processing, encryption, and fraud detection.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway

They’re beneficial for a variety of businesses and can help one skyrocket his revenue with top-of-the-class functionality. On top of that, make sure the software you opt for has an intuitive interface. Keeping track and monitoring a multichannel transaction flow can be challenging. Yet, with a user-friendly admin panel, the task gets much simpler. It’s in your best interest to be able to easily manage data and set up access permissions.

The company aims to help businesses free up their invaluable resources by offering their end-to-end payment platform so that business owners can focus on other core responsibilities. Creating a cutting-edge payment gateway that ensures both smooth and fast checkout process is mandatory for any business willing to expand its market presence. However, with the cost of development and maintenance, such a gateway can become a real financial burden.

In spite of high transaction volumes, the third-party provider does not want to negotiate lower gateway fees with you. You’d love to start your own payment gateway from scratch, but cannot afford it because of high cost. So, you get an image booster and get additional revenue as a merchant service provider. After implementing a white label gateway, you can become the “best merchant services provider” for your respective customers. White label gateway solutions suit many categories of businesses.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using a White Label Payment Gateway?

They can choose between a hosting, white-label, or on-premises solution wisely and reasonably. Also, they can estimate which payment solution can be the most affordable and cost-effective from the outset. Outsourcing allows you to keep your expertise and professionalism. https://xcritical.com/ You are enjoying benefits like high ROI, the provision of innovative and practical payment solutions, and a strong brand reputation. Technological Benefits – The business can benefit from the newest technological developments, such as ApplePay and AndroidPay.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway

A white label payment gateway is a payment gateway that is customized for your business and can be used as a solution to all your business’ problems. It can be used for e-commerce, m-commerce, and any type of business. ● Government—pay city taxes using the integrated tax module in our white label payment gateway software solution. Thanks to predictive detection of threats and risks, white-label companies offer you great flexibility when building your security solution. You can integrate third-party services to secure your customers’ data and maximize better accuracy.

Which white label payment gateway should I choose?

Through eCommerce retailing, even a tiny company owner in a distant corner of the world can now reach a broader audience throughout the globe. Enhances your commercial prospects – A brand’s image is based on the fundamental factor of customer satisfaction. If your customers regularly get an updated, more advanced and easier-to-use way to interact with your business, it results in positive organic growth. Not only does it allow you to land more clients, it can What is White Label Payment Gateway very well result in an exponential growth in profits – absolutely essential to scale your business to the next level. Focus on your core competency – Opting for white label solutions allows you to concentrate on what you do best and saves you the hassle of treading into uncharted territories. In a world of rapid technological advancement, adapting to these changes is an obvious requirement – outsourcing this to white label vendors would be a smart choice.

  • This shows that not only does your business stay relevant in terms of upgrading itself but also, it deeply cares for its customers.
  • Above, we’ve covered the basic functionality of a universal white-label solution.
  • We seamlessly layer additional anti-fraud providers in front of our in-house built technology on demand, building exactly the fraud tool you need for your business.
  • Besides, merchants can use different transaction types depending on the business’s needs.
  • With the integrated payment gateway of the best white label payment gateway, you can bring your brand front and centre.
  • However, you smartly reduce the cost while keeping the benefits.

When it comes to making online transfers they have even more questions related to their safety and pleasant experience. If you are using a white-label-payment service, you can rebrand the solution the way you see it and use your logo on it, so that your customers will not doubt the authenticity of the payment services. This can help you increase customer loyalty and uniquely respond to every client’s needs. Reseller solutions especially fit-in businesses such as the above as it provides a more holistic solution for your business.

You may be risking your good name and reputation by using the gateway as your own. Maintaining PCI compliance and combatting fraud is critical since any flaws or data breaches can harm your organization and put you at risk of fines, litigation, and other penalties. Therefore, their White-Label Payment Gateway solutions offer all the benefits that your business needs.

At its core, it’s a feature that aims to detect and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions. Thus, Akurateco utilizes three anti-fraud modules to achieve that goal. Customer credit card information is verified by a payment gateway using eCommerce-specific technology. Online retailers cannot accept customer credit or debit card payments without using a payment gateway. If you have an online eCommerce shop, then you must have it to build brand authority. It is absolutely essential in these cases for your providing partner to aid you in understanding their solution and resolving any issues.

The functionality of a reliable white-label payment software

If your business falls in their category, you can obtain ample benefits for your business. Be sure to check the requirements that they need from your company. In other words, check the accepted chargeback ratio for your business. Basically, analyze your processing needs and choose a provider with all the features covering them. Above, we’ve covered the basic functionality of a universal white-label solution. Simplified secure payments are the way to the heart (read “wallet”) of your end customer.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway

This advantage is undeniable in businesses that provide a wide variety of supplementary services and goods from third parties. 87% of consumers leave their shopping carts owing to a complex, time-consuming, or stressful checkout experience. If you want to keep and get new consumers, you must provide a quick, frictionless, and superior checkout experience for them. Analyse how your issues get resolved or how a concept is explained to you while you interact with your prospective vendor.

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Any issues with the payment gateway aren’t solely the fault of the business. Such a payment gateway prevents fraud and bans suspicious activities. If you don’t need white label services, the gateway may be needlessly cost-prohibitive. If your business functions as a Value Added Reseller , Independent Software Vendor , Independent Sales Organisation , or other type of reseller, a white label solution might be right for you. By using our certified PCI and EMV solution, you can reduce the amount of time and energy you spend on maintaining your payments. The main profit of our solution is that it may be purchased as a hosted and white-label environment, as well as licensed.

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Also, if multiple users share your gateway solution, it can work slowly due to overload. White labelling is essentially the practice of re-branding certain products and services that are produced by one company and then rebranded and resold or used in-house by another company. The vendor company designs a product or offers a ‘plug and play’ service that can instantly be incorporated or resold by your business, after customizing it with your name.

White label payment gateway 101

Let’s say, for example, that you operate your own ecommerce website builder. With a traditional payment gateway, you can accept payments online for everyone who uses your platform to build and host their business website. But if you use a white label gateway, you can also enable those customers to accept credit card payments on the ecommerce sites they build. For businesses, white label payment gateways are a great way to grow your business while staying on top of trends in the industry. They allow you to customize your payment options and pricing structure without having to invest in developing your own payment system from scratch.

This information may be different than what you see when you visit a financial institution, service provider or specific product’s site. All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty. When evaluating offers, please review the financial institution’s Terms and Conditions. If you find discrepancies with your credit score or information from your credit report, please contact TransUnion® directly. In-house built fraud and risk management tools tailored to financial institutions and their requirements, enabling you to effectively manage your partner channel.

White label payment gateway vs building your own payment gateway

An experienced white label payment gateway provider will also establish a good relationship with acquirers, which are essentially banks that process the said payments. This association can be a highly tedious task if managed by your company on its own. This website focuses on delivering white-label payment platforms to different types of companies. Based in Amsterdam, the company offers fraud prevention, high-end invoicing systems, data analysis, and management tools with white label payment gateways.

Furthermore, they are offering complete protection from frauds and scams. This means that your business will be pretty safe in the hands of PaySpace. Most of the time, small business owners lack the technology that the payment giants possess. Now that you understand what to look for in a white-label payment software provider, let’s explore your best provider options in 2021. Is a white-label payment service that integrates your business with the Automated Clearing House network to send and receive ACH payments.

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