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Andy Lim
April 14, 2022

In the past couple of years, DroneDeploy has made a concerted effort to make their mapping software as intuitive and easy to learn as possible. These efforts have helped propel them to being one of the biggest names in the commercial drone mapping industry. They have focused on being fully compatible with DJI drones, although they also offer compatibility with some of the other popular drone brands. Pix4D is probably one of the most widely-used software solutions for drone mapping. With almost a decade of experience, the development team behind Pix4D has amassed a library of specialized software modules for different mapping applications. Although they originally partnered with the eBee drones, they have since expanded the scope of their compatibility to include the ubiquitous DJI line of professional-grade drones.

Raptor Maps states that their customers are completing solar farm inspections up to 4X faster than competing systems that require orthomosaics. Enterprise level mapping and inspection software with a solid team to back it up. Plenty of training material and a certification course are available. Originally Pix4D only offered desktop based solutions, but have recently launched their mobile Pix4D Capture app for both Android and iOS.

Professional Drone Mapping Software

Thermography—Thermography is imagery taken of the infrared spectrum of light. This imagery shows areas of heat in an object and is often used in industrial applications. The demand for thermographic work seems to be growing, and presents a new way for drone pilots to earn money.

This software is not the easiest to use, so it will require users to learn how to use it. It is an accessible tool that fits into the workflows of other photogrammetry tools. If you happen to work for a larger surveying or GIS company you’ll probably already have a Bentley subscription of some kind for one of their other software packages. The Pix4Dcapture will assist you in automating both the flight of your drone and its image data transfer. All the photogrammetry software above work with DJI drones except for the SenseFly solution, which works with their own eBee fixed wing drone.

Collect More, Highly Accurate Survey Data

You can process your data either using your own hardware or by uploading your images to Pix4D’s cloud services. DroneDeploy is an easy-to-use mapping software that both beginners and advanced users can use effectively. This 3D modeling and mapping software is available both for single users as a mobile app and enterprise clients who have any number of users. The app you use to CAPTURE your photos, in most cases, can be different than the ones you use to process your images. You can then use most processing apps or services to make your map after you’ve completed your mission. Maps Made Easy is a web application that lets users upload aerial photos, stitch the images and host created maps.

The big plus that Maps Made Easy has going for it is the per-acre pricing, which is great for occasional users who do not want to sign up for yet another month-to-month subscription service. It does not have the most intuitive of workflows, but the company is young and rapidly evolving. Efficient Data Coordination—It has a streamlined data collection and management system. View a quality report of your mission to ensure the results meet your accuracy standards.

But to get the best possible results, a little planning is needed! We’ve rounded up some information on how to prepare and plan for a drone flight using the free Pix4Dcapture app for Android or iOS. As Drone2Map is a desktop app, you can download Drone2Map on your machine and process images immediately after a flight instead of waiting for an internet connection. After returning to the office, you can generate high-quality imagery products to use in your GIS or publish to share with others. In time, all earthworks projects will be documented and surveyed using a drone. In fact, many industry leaders have already invested in drone surveying to stand out in an increasingly competitive market and uphold their commitment to innovation, quality, and transparency.

Using the professional version of their software you can make point clouds, digital elevation models, take measurements, and process RGB, NIR, thermal, and multi-spectral imagery. Agisoft is great for professionals who need an all in one package for photogrammetry and 3D modeling—architects, GIS professionals, Civil Engineers, and media professionals take note. While a free trial is available, licenses cost several hundred dollars a month, or a few thousand for a perpetual license. That said, there is a reason why Pix4D is known to be one of the most capable mapping software options in the drone industry. With its feature-packed versions focused on specific industries, it is a powerful tool for knowledgeable people in surveying, construction, civil engineering, agriculture, and other industries. Their job is to take precise measurements on pieces of land in order to determine boundaries.

Achieve large surface coverage at extremely high resolution for accurate inspection of the objects as well as the surrounding areas. Get millimeter-sized damage spotting detection, fast repair, increased performance, and low environmental impact with Phase One drone solutions and cameras specially designed for drones. Phase One aerial cameras and solutions are designed exclusively for geospatial and industrial imaging. Developed with leading experts in the field, the medium format and large format cameras offer the world’s best image quality, high resolution, dynamic range, color fidelity and geometric accuracy. The 3D modelling engine of AgiSoft performs exceptionally well in stitching panoramic images and even provides support for images capture with fisheye lenses. It can also create maps from thermal, near-IR, and multispectral imagery.

Terra Pro Mapping Software Perpetual License, 1 Device

The Correlator3D software is a patented end to end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including UAVs. Then if you the Pix4DMapper is what you need, then you have a monthly payment plan. Close range photogrammetry is when images are captured using a handheld camera or with a camera mounted to a tripod. The output of this method is not to create topographic maps, but rather to make 3D models of a smaller object.

This was part of his own personal research and that is why this program is only free for personal, non-profit, or academic use. This is usually known as a “structure-from-motion” program, and when this is done you can run the final product on multiple platforms. On the Regard3D website, you will also find tutorials that will help you learn how to use the program. However, this software needs to be paired with a specific type of drone, and yes you guessed it, it needs to be a DJI drone! More specifically, it can only be used with the DJI Phantom 4 Series at the moment.

Professional Drone Mapping Software

Additionally, we’ve developed an aerial ground control point target system emulating a QR code. Our GCP targets are digitally encoded fiducial markers with computer vision software functionality to enhance workflows and provide the highest accuracy possible for photogrammetry missions. We believe frequent, high-accuracy site surveys keep jobs on track and on budget. Propeller’s end-to-end software platform uses drones to simplify collection, photogrammetry to streamline data processing, and 3D maps to manage progress across the project lifecycle. Specialized User Base – Compared to other drone mapping software, the user-interface is complicated and clunky and takes some time to get familiarized with. More Options – DataMapper provides a large range of mapping options compared to most other drone mapping software.

The exact altitudes above sea level at all points provides the ability to plan drone missions with respect to the surrounding. To fly automated drone missions precise maps are more important than ever. Import GeoTIFF images as map overlay into UgCS, providing the power to customize the maps to suit your needs.

Drone Deploy Aerial Mapping Software Pro

Adjust mission settings to change the total area mapped, giving you the flexibility to choose between creating high-definition 2D maps and 3D models or quick overviews. Automatically generate waypoints and flight routes based on one or more points selected in a local 3D model or point cloud (or a third-party point cloud). A simulated camera view including the selected point is displayed onscreen to enable better waypoint selection and more efficient flight route planning, automating inspection workflows. Using multispectral data from P4 Multispectral, generate radiometrically calibrated reflectance maps for remote sensing research and more, or produce vegetation index maps including NDVI and NDRE.

Professional Drone Mapping Software

The most important thing to look for in a drone software package is that it offers all the necessary solutions to carry out a mapping survey. Mapping continues to be one of the most common uses for commercial drones in 2022. There’s a lot of drone mapping software on the market, but which one is right for you? Finding the right software for your use case is critical to creating maps and models that will give you and your clients the measurements and insights you need. Software packages nowadays can be accessed thru either a one-time payment or an annual subscription fee.

Seamless Workflows, Accurate Results

Built for ArcGIS Drone2Map users, Site Scan Flight for ArcGIS Limited Edition allows you to easily capture rich imagery using advanced drone flights. One of the few Russian tech successes in the drone industry, the Agisoft drone mapping software prides itself as the be-all-end-all solution to professional 3D modeling needs for drone mapping. Skycatch is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2013 that primarily focuses on enterprise grade solutions for construction based applications. Skycatch has developed a new element to drone mapping by providing an on-site processing solution.

  • Developers behind the planned community, La Cima, leveraged GIS and drone imagery to save time, reduce costs, and create overall project efficiency.
  • You can keep a permanent, up-to-date record and resolve any disputes quickly.
  • AUSTIN, Texas, February 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company, launched its SkyGrid Flight Control™ application globally today.
  • Point Clouds are often derived from photogrammetric and LIDAR data.
  • An orthomosaic is a geometrically correct aerial image that is composed of many individual still images that are stitched together.
  • With this data, they can effectively distribute their resources for a timely response.
  • Maps Made Easy is great for those who don’t need mapping on a regular basis, don’t have powerful computing hardware, or don’t like having to pay for a monthly subscription.

3DR also recently announced that their backend engine is now powered by the Pix4D engine for increased accuracy. Large and medium format aerial imagery with the best accuracy and reliability. High-resolution, precision-driven aerial imagery cameras that simplify surveying and mapping. Execute photogrammetry mapping missions efficiently, capturing high resolution images for 2D or 3D mapping. You can achieve large surface coverage with extremely high resolution to inspect the objects and the surrounding areas.

Land Surveying

With Phase One drone solutions and cameras specifically designed for drones, you can get millimeter-sized damage detection and repair, as well as increased performance and low environmental impact. The Phase One aerial cameras and solutions have been specifically designed for industrial and geospatial imaging. The medium format and large format cameras were developed with top experts in the field.

Land Survey And Ground Control

You can conduct repeatable drone operations with almost zero human intervention. A single cloud-connected dashboard allows you to control and manage a hybrid and distributed fleet of drones, docking stations, and different makes and models in different regions. DroneDeploy has become the industry drone software development leader for all-in-one photogrammetry solutions. With multiple purchase options, it’s able to serve a wide audience of users. The only negative aspect of using a cloud based service like this is the inability to control many settings that can increase the output quality of the deliverables.

Maps Made Easy, a San Diego company, is a web-based, pay-as-you-go mapping solution. MME can generate your typical photogrammetry as well as 3D models, stockpile calculations, and NDVI maps. Read this case studyon using drone mapping to verify and compare construction site earthwork to the original site plan.

Capture, analyze, and visualize your environment with DJI Terra – an easy to use mapping software developed to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets. They also claim to have the fastest processing speeds of any mapping software currently available. DroneDeploy seems to have targeted the mass consumer/prosumer market and done so well.

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