500+ Best Chatbot Name Ideas to Get Customers to Talk

Andy Lim
February 28, 2022

Choose a chatbot name for function

They can be set up either by using Telegram’s own bot builder, the Botfather, or the Telegram bot API. “Penny”, for example, was a financial coach chatbot that was quite popular back in 2015. But this only works in English, and to restrict it further, only in English-speaking countries that use or at least used pennies as a monetary unit. If you release your chatbot as a generic “Wine Bot” in a long row of other Wine Bots, this might not be as appealing and distinct as you would want it to be. Even if your Wine Bot is better than all other Wine Bots around, it does not stand out in the first place. To generate potential names for your Bots brand using the Bots Name Generator, you first select your industry.

It’ll help you verify whether your chatbot works as intended and if your story does what it’s supposed to do. “Yes/No” options aren’t bad, but your buttons will work better if you add some context to them. For example, when a user jumps through your story quickly, they immediately know what will happen after clicking a button.

# HubSpot Chatbot Builder

As an example, I will throw together a simple product survey chatbot as it makes it easy to demonstrate a variety of features. To set up your canvas simply click on the “Build a Chatbot” button in the upper right corner and select WhatsApp as the channel and go straight to the building. Using the Messenger bot, users can buy shoes from Spring, order a ride from Uber, and have conversations with The New York Times on news issues of the day. If a user asked The New York Times through the app a question like “What’s new today? A chatbot that functions with a set of guidelines in place is limited in its conversation. It can only respond to a set number of requests and vocabulary and is only as intelligent as its programming code.

Keep in mind that the best bot names are short and memorable. As a result, try to keep your bot’s name as short as possible. Let’s move on to our list of bot name ideas now that you’ve grasped the significance of using a bot. People tend to use their name because they feel it sounds good.

Using the robot vacuum name for google assistant and Alexa

Yet, when it comes to conversational interfaces, faster doesn’t always mean better. The same thing happened when I named my robot vacuum “order 66”, which is a reference to Star Wars “Execute order 66”. So when I told my Google Home to “Execute order 66” it would sometimes start my robot vacuum, but more often than not just tell me about the reference quoted from Wikipedia. A good name for your robot vacuum should first of all be something easy to remember. Secondly, you should be looking out for the complexity and ease of pronunciation.

good bot name

Besides that, a user will be more likely to engage with your chatbot if they feel they are an active participant in the conversation and not just a reader. When a chatbot sends a lot of messages one after another, a user can’t keep up with good bot name reading them and needs to scroll back. Conversation delays let you decide how long the interval between chatbot messages should be. Proper delays let users absorb information at a comfortable pace and create a more natural experience.

You can pre-trained with answers for up to 2500 queries by quickly coverting everything from basic to complex industry-related issues. Easy to create and manage your own branded virtual assistant. It helps you to create expressions to do mathematical computations effortlessly. You can receive a visual overview of your team’s performance in real-time. It helps you to react to customer behaviors and increase your sales.

  • All you need to do is enter the bot’s commands and wait for the bot to complete the task.
  • Anima asks you questions and wants to get to know you instead of just answering when spoken to.
  • It allows you to hand over discussions to a human on live chat.
  • If you’re thinking about using a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you can choose a solution dedicated to Facebook marketing.
  • Using the Messenger bot, users can buy shoes from Spring, order a ride from Uber, and have conversations with The New York Times on news issues of the day.

A chatbot may be the one instance where you get to choose someone else’s personality. Create a personality with a choice of language , level of empathy, humor, and more. Once you’ve figured out “who” your chatbot is, you have to find a name that fits its personality. Sometimes a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet—particularly when it comes to your company’s chatbot. Learn how to choose a creative and effective company bot name.

When a chatbot introduces itself with a name, it comes alive to the user. Chatbot names give people a way to address their queries, but–more importantly–add an extra layer of personification to the bot . Some chatbots are virtual assistants that engage in human-like conversations, while others respond to customer questions. Having a name for your bot that explains what it does can help boost customer confidence and serve as a good starting point. This way, you can ensure that your bot has all of the features that customers require.

Arcane is a moderation bot that uses a leveling system to offer server members a chance to gain XP and rewards. And it doesn’t just work in text-based chat but through voice chat too. It verifies members who join and uses their IP addresses to check if they’re using other accounts. So if a user is kicked from the server, that person can’t sign back in using an alt account.

However, it will be very frustrating when people have trouble pronouncing it. There are different ways to play around with words to create catchy names. For instance, you can combine two words together to form a new word.

good bot name

Before you start coming up with chatbot names, it is important to decide on what kind of bot you want to build. Another way to select really cool robot names is through puns. Short bot names are easier to remember than long bot names.

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They’re Among Us: Malicious Bots Hide Using NLP and AI.

Posted: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

By adding the bot to a group and activating the translation you want, the bot is translating your input text to the target language. Other users in the group can use the bot as well by simply typing /enable into the chat. The translation happens simultaneously, so the chat flow can go on naturally. Consider that different countries use different levels or grades of formality. While people in some countries might be more casual and address each other by their first name, even in business scenarios, this might not be as common in other countries. You therefore need to decide if your chatbot gets just a first name or if it also gets a last name.

good bot name

You have defined its roles, functions, and purpose in a way to serve your vision. Your bot is there to help customers, not to confuse or fool them. Improve the automated responses with a great conversational script. 45.9% of consumers expect bots to provide an immediate response to their query. Chatbot scripts you write and outline you prepare for the bot. Here, the only key thing to consider is – make sure the name makes the bot appear an extension of your company.

2) Robot Names – Robots don’t care about anything except their job. Like any dog, this dog robot is the perfect companion that might seem harmless, but actually has a scary laser weapon hidden in its eye. Balancing the personality of the know-it-all that is C-3PO, R2D2 is the smart and spunky droid we all needed. Only with the beep sounds, R2D2 proved that good characters can build a connection without emoting or speaking in English. Make sure to use words that accurately describe the bot’s purpose. If you’re creating a bot that sells clothes, for example, you should include the word “clothes” in the bot’s name.


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